Panopticon Simulator:

Panopticon is a network architecture for operating networks that combine legacy and SDN switches. Panopticon exposes an abstraction of a logical SDN in a partially upgraded legacy network, where SDN benefits can extend over the entire network. Our work demonstrates the feasibility and evaluates the efficiency of our approach through both testbed experiments with hardware switches and through simulation on real enterprise campus network topologies entailing over 1500 devices. Our results suggest that when as few as 10% of distribution switches support SDN, most of an enterprise network can be operated as a single SDN while meeting key resource constraints.

Panoptisim is a tool for planning a partial SDN deployment for Panopticon. Given a topology, packet-level traffic traces, and various resource constraints, Panoptisim computes the locations to deploy SDN switches in the given network topology.

Panopticon was presented at USENIX ATC 2014 in Philadelphia

Panopticon won the 1st prize at the 2013 ACM Gradutate Student Research Competition at SIGCOMM 2013!